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The Lead for January 22nd, 2019

Media still in uproar over Covington Catholic High School fake news event.

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January 22nd, 2019

SCOTUS allows military restrictions on transgenders-Associated Press.

Congress agitates to end relentless shutdown-Politico.

Senate set to vote on 2 bills to end shutdown, neither expected to pass-NPR.

FBI says shutdown impacting counterterrorism and sex trafficking operations-NBC News.

President Trump planning State of the Union-Huffington Post.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez thinks climate change will destroy the world in 12 years-Grabien.

FBI’s former top  lawyer admits to “unusual steps” in early days of Russia probe-Dailycaller.

Buzzkill: Superbowl ad supporting medical marijuana denied by CBS-CBS News.

Democrats leaning further left as 2020 primaries approach-Associated Press.

Canadian family doctors getting guidance on how to treat gender dysphoria-National Post.

3 Lansing, MI men charged with providing material support to ISIS-Lansing State Journal.

Four charged in bomb plot against Muslim community in upstate New York-Associated Press.

2 female students leave Oklahoma University after being associated with supposed racist video on social media-CBS News.

Host of Infowars sexually assaulted while covering women’s march-DC Chronicle.

Venezuela’s Maduro orders revision of dipolomatic relations with U.S.-Reuters.

Fewer women involved in Women’s March, but support stays the same-Rassmussen.

73% of investors worry about a recession coming-CNN.

Meteor strikes moon durning blood moon eclipse-Gizmodo.

Entertainer Chris Brown accused of rape in Paris, France-Daily Mail.

The Oscars are up next in Hollywoods awards season, and here are your nominees-Deadline.