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6 Inbound Tips To Be Successful In Real Estate

The real estate sector went through one of its worst moments in the United States and Europe between 2007 and 2013 when the high demand was drastically reduced due to the explosion of a price bubble. This, together with credit problems and the mortgage burden borne by millions of families and hundreds of investment funds, forced the professionals to sharpen their ingenuity. Many did not succeed: globally, 90,000 real estate agents of all sizes had to close their offices during that period.

Inbound tips for the real estate sector

Without different content, there is no attraction

The Internet moves thanks to the new content. Replicating the content of others not only has no value but also directs traffic to the right generators. Most of the projects and companies in the industry gave little importance to the content they published, this being the key driver of online presence. Nowadays, the digital impact of an organization is directly related to the quality of the material it releases.

Its not just about redesigning your site

Imagine for a moment that you are looking for information in real life about a specific topic and you see two offers: on the one hands a napkin with some notes and, on the other, a book. Which of the two contents would you recommend first?

This situation helps us to understand why we are doing certain things in the wrong way. When we think about updating only the graphic design of our website, we still maintain a minimal presence. Put another way, that’s the napkin. On the other hand, a company that generates content makes its “book” (the blog) bigger and bigger. The largest real estate in the United States has, on average, a presence of 30,000 pages (the difference that separates them from Latin America is abysmal). Each of these pages has the potential to attract organic search traffic, especially if the original content is good. It does not mean that thousands of pages were generated at the same time. They have a constant content strategy that adds valuable content and, after a while,

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