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We are a group of professionals concerned with the direction that the delivery and decimation of the “news” by so called journalists and reporters from around the world, has taken. This weaponization, for lack of a better term, of our mass media has caused social and political division in the USA on a scale not seen since the Civil War. It is the intent of Niche Content to give the reader the tools to fight this weaponization of our media, without losing the ability to stay fairly and fully informed on the relevant events of the day.

Our content, opinion and news analysis editor is a non partisan, degreed journalist with over a decade of media experiences in print and radio, in a top 65 market (per Arbitron ratings at the time); our principal founders and aggregators of information are professionals with families, concerned about the direction our academic, media, and establishment political institutions have taken during the age of the internet. Our associates are dedicated and degreed journalists, or citizen journalists, who are committed to following the rules and standards of journalistic integrity in their reporting, and a dedication to exposing the manipulations, misrepresentations, and often out right lies broadcast from established news mediums across the globe, with a focus on the USA.

Journalistic Integrity is to write or deliver the news in a way that allows the reader or listener to come to their own conclusions before any are given by the person delivering or reporting on, the news. This is best accomplished by explaining the what, when, where and who, before stating any how or why regarding the topic or event, being covered or discussed.

We will use this traditional journalistic formula to expose the distinct lack of integrity at nearly all news organizations in the USA (and eventually around the globe), but we also intend to provide a way to discern propaganda and misrepresentative, or fake, news from legitimate news stories, mediums and writers.
Our ultimate goal is to be a legitimate news organization, independent of corporate advertising revenue, who can deliver non partisan, fact based, and objective coverage of the most important events from the entirety of the USA, and eventually the world.

To preserve the integrity of our coverage, and to provide an accurate analysis of the news cycle on a daily basis, we have a content deadline of 10pm est Monday through Friday, with aggregation only over the weekends and holidays.

We hope you will share the experience with us as we grow,


Ryan Ryles-Chief Content and opinion Editor.


If you are a degreed journalist, or citizen journalist with at least 5 years of experience in covering news or events in your community, and would like to join our team as an associate content writer or aggregator, please contact our editor at the information provided above.