Acting AG Whitaker is questioned by Democrats in Congress-by Niche Content.

Capitol Hill-Democrats brought acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker before the House Judiciary Committee, to question him about several things related and unrelated to President Trump. Chief among those questions was whether Whitaker, who only holds the seat until William Barr, the current Trump pick for permanency at the spot, is approved by Congress.
In a particularly tense exchange, Representative Hakeem Jeffries from New York said, “We’re all trying to figure out: who are you, where did you come from and how the heck did you become head of the Department of Justice.”
As Whitaker tried to respond, Representative Jeffries interrupted, “Mr. Whitaker, that was a statement, now a question. I assume you know the difference.”
Since Democrats won back control of the House in last years election, it has been an assumption that they would investigate and question as much of the Trump team as they legally could, using this subpoena powers for anything they wanted. The questioning of Whitaker, whose role is waiting to be replaced, is signal that Democrats intend to spend much time and money from the public trust to interfere with the Trump administration without provocation or reason.
House Democrats have also admitted they are preparing to do their own investigations into the Presidents taxes, his businesses and whether or not he is deliberately profiting from his role as President, along with keeping the Trump Russia probe in suspected collusion open, all in a seeming effort to impede the President at every turn.