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Five things to do for your client in real estate

  1. Tell the truth.

It never hurts to be enthusiastic and hopeful, but if your client’s expectations are clearly out of line, tactfully show them so that they can move forward instead of clinging to hope that their $100,000 house will sell for double that amount.


  1. Commit to the client.

Your client is investing in you. He or she is trusting you with likely their most valuable asset. If their home languishes on the multiple listings without an open house or advertisement, while you wait for it to sell itself, you did not earn that commission.


  1. Inform the client.

Let your buyers and sellers know what comes next. Don’t make them guess whether they need to do something or simply wait for your call. It is not only courteous, it is good business. A confused client becomes a disgruntled client very quickly and you lose business.


  1. Keep some leads in your pocket.

A good agent is always trying to enlarge his or her knowledge of the inventory that is out there. There is no way that any agent can know all of them however; that is why MLS and searches are so important. In addition, though, it is smart to keep a few leads in mind for both buyers and sellers so that you are able to give your clients results immediately.


  1. Be there at the closing.

I know many agents will disagree with this, but I believe it is a necessity. After all, you are earning a healthy commission and you owe it to your buyers to see that the final, critical part of the escrow process goes without a hitch. And in the case that a last minute issue comes up, you are there to make sure your clients’ interests are covered. It is up to you to see to it that last minute changes do not cost your clients unnecessary money or inconvenience. That is what they pay you for.

Can you say “fewer lawsuits?”

  1. Say, “thank you.”

Okay, I know this was supposed to be five things, but I had to add this one. Home buyers and sellers have allowed you to make a lot of money selling their house, hopefully, so be sure to thank them.

I always give a little thank you gift, in fact. Sometimes it is flowers. Some clients, I have felt, would more appreciate a certificate for take out chicken or  pizza on a busy moving day. A one year home warranty is a common gift from agents, to give new buyers a chance to settle in before an unexpected repair, which can happen in any home. However you say it, “thank you” shows that you are a gentleperson; a notch up from the ordinary agent. Good job!

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