Did President Trump cave on the government shutdown and what Roger Stone’s arrest represents.

Two big pieces of political news dropped on Friday, both of which caught almost everyone by surprise.

The first was the predawn arrest of President Trump confidant Roger Stone. Later that day, President Trump announced he would sign legislation in the Senate that would temporarily end the government shutdown for 3 weeks.
Did Trump cave?

Democrats have resisted negotiating any deal the President Trump has put forward. The president signed legislation last Friday putting a temporary end to the government shutdown.

In a word, no. I do not think, in any way, that President Trump “caved”. If that were true, there would be no 3 week ultimatum.
No, I think President Trump had to make a strategic decision as it related to the current geopolitical climates in the Middle East and South America. Currently, Israel and Iran are only short of an open declaration of war in and over Syria; and Venezuela is on the precipice of civil war, trapped between a dictator who isn’t likely to go quietly, and a new leader supported by the people but not all of the military.

Because of these events, I’m of the opinion his military advisors convinced him of some necessity they now had in restarting the government at least temporarily. The time period chosen-3 weeks-I think is strategic because it covers what the Pentagon needs, and allows for returning federal workers to collect 2 paychecks, while generating 2 more before going back on furlough, should the democrats continue to not want to negotiate.
I do not think Nancy Pelosi or the Democrats are winning anything, or that President Trump is looking bad. I think mass media is literally making up…stuff on the fly to divert from what is actually going on.
I think President Trump has access to information none of us have that relates to whether or not the entirety of our Federal Government needs to be open. I think that, personally, he’s willing to keep the Federal Government ‘closed’ indefinitely to prove a big freaking point to everyone ‘on the left’ and everyone who barely, or not at all, pays attention to these types of things; but given the broader geo political climate in South America and the Middle East, there is a necessity for temporary full operations, and so he granted that, while also using his doing so as political leverage against Pelosi and Democrats who wont negotiate.

Roger Stone got his political start by working for Nixon’s 1972 reelection campain. Image Credit Politico.

As a soft supporter of President Trump after his 2nd presidential debate with HRC, I dislike the long time association he has had with Trump and have always considered it more of a detraction to his appeal, than an attraction. I understand it, completely, given Stone’s unquestionable worth as a political asset, but I have never liked that relationship or him.
In my view, Roger Stone represents everything inherently wrong with politics as a profession, and I have little doubt that he committed some crime that lead to the predawn raid on his home by the FBI, with reporters from CNN in tow. However, I also do not doubt that whatever crime he may have committed, he was essentially backed into because of his long time association with a current president that is hated by the establishment political class and its media propagandists.

Roger Stone represents everything inherently wrong with politics as a profession

What bothers me about this incident, and what should bother everyone, are 2 things: first, the force and strategy employed in arresting a public figure for obstruction, perjury, and witness tampering-all non violent offenses.

Stone represented no immediate danger to anyone. He’s in his 70’s, an old man and they felt necessary to send an entire swat team in full tactical gear on a predawn raid of his home, as if he was holed up and armed to the teeth with 10 members of some secret gang he ran. Making it worse was the obvious collaboration between the FBI and CNN, given that CNN had their camera’s rolling as the FBI made their way up to the front door.
The second is the consistent pattern of there being a different legal standard for the current establishment political class, and literally everyone else.
I feel no need to remind people of the countless politicians, especially Democrats, over the last 40 years who have gotten away with as much as murder and who have seen no negative repercussions for no other apparent reason than who they were/are at the time; but this obvious and blatant disparity in the application of our laws, should it continue, will eventually destroy our nation from the inside out.
This is something I legitimately fear, in terms of what are called ‘clear and present dangers’ to America-the unequal application of our laws, and right now, in todays America there is a distinct political class, being protected by certain mass media outlets and corporate entities, who give the appearance that they do not have to obey the laws they are elected to manage and/or create.
How there can be millions of people not just accepting of this but defending it, I can guess at, but at some point Americans will have had enough and, as with other nations elsewhere in the world, I believe we will be forced into taking matters into our own hands, literally.
I hope to never see that day, but so long as so many of us are either complicit or complacent to what is going on, I’m of the opinion that the lack of fair and equal application