Gillette: the best a man can get is…to not be a man???

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I really should say Proctor and Gamble, who owns Gillette. It was clearly the parent company P & G and not Gillette, who were behind what is clearly a propaganda piece disguised as a commercial for shaving products, that comes across as a PSA (public service announcement). Those shaving products we never actually see, but we do learn that, according to P & G, err, Gillette, pretty much anything that is typically masculine, is now bad…

In case you missed it, there was a story at the beginning of this week about a new television ad, which I allowed to fly under my radar: the new virtue signaling commercial from Gillette, displaying the supposed general toxic nature of all men.

I had hoped it would die in the news cycle, but it continued to cling to life all week in talk radio and among commentators on Youtube.

I let this story go by at first because at heart, your editor of Niche Content Articles is a philosopher, and the ideological basis behind concepts like toxic masculinity and modern feminism, fly in the

Gillette’s line up of Mache brand razors. Stock image.

face of the overall human condition and base humanity. Specifically, I mean the fact that we humans can change as a result of increased knowledge or new experiences, and feminism assumes we cannot. I personally find this type of…rhetoric not worthy of the recognition of a reasoned or rational reply, particularly since the vast majority of those who hold these opinions are incapable of listening to a reasoned or rational reply.
To think that toxic masculinity exists is to assume that individually, people cannot change; it further assumes that individually we cannot learn how to better behave situationally. Believing in toxic masculinity also relies on a half empty view of all men: that men are inherently prone to do bad things, which P & G doesn’t see very much end to.

To think that toxic masculinity exists is to assume that individually, people cannot change

I’m of the opinion that to hold views that are sympathetic or in line with the modern feminist movement and what it defines as toxic masculinity, is to not understand basic humanity at all because I believe that many of our basic human behaviors rely around access to paths of least resistance-whatever is the easiest, we humans seem to gravitate to-until we learn what it means to achieve something through individual or shared effort (which often includes personal sacrifice).
None of this is to say that men, as a group, do not have bad behaviors we should do our best to control or fix, but to defend basic masculinity-which is what Gillette’s new ad is attacking…

Anyway, back to this stupid Gillette ad: The most idiotic aspect of this ad is that their target demographic is primarily men, whom they spend 1:49 in the full length version demonizing in one form or another. If you must, you can check the ad out on youtube here.

Wait, I stand corrected: according to this new ad, basically, if you’re male, you’re toxic. Oh, they claim the point is to say “you can change”, but they never show us how that may look, just like never show any 

of the products they sell because “after all, the boys of today will be the men of tomorrow”, which in the eyes of Gillette (P & G), apparently, means you’re going to turn into a bullying rapist if feminism doesn’t straighten you out first.

Why an obvious piece of political propaganda was produced as a pretend commercial for razor blades is only explained when you’re made aware of who owns Gillette-Proctor and Gamble.
Proctor and Gamble, or P & G as they are commonly referred to, is considered the largest consumer goods producer in the world and is best known through products like Gillette, Tide, Downy, Olay, and Crest. Needless to say, you’re probably using one of their products, and according to their corporate records, P & G donated over $630,000 in the 2018 US election cycle, $417,000 of that went to the Democrat party-which is most likely the reason for a ridiculous ad which P & G, being a US based international corporation, will probably get to write off as a public service announcement under its propa…er, public relations division.
This ad was never designed to sell product, that is blatantly obvious to anyone who has ever tried to market something. No, this is a political ad; an ad designed to spread a political message, and their message was to say that all men are responsible for the bad actions of other men and that you can be a ‘better man’ if you let them-speakers of feminist ideals-show you.
Ultimately, propaganda like this (it fits by definition), spread by international monopolies like P & G-make no mistake, this has almost nothing to do with Gillette or the products they sell-serves another purpose, and in this case the purpose of this ad is to further divide America by giving a disproportionate sized voice to a distinct minority of Americans, over an issue that doesn’t even exist-at least, not in the systemic nature feminists try to say it does: I don’t know about you, but, speaking as a male, I have yet to assault a female…ever.

I know, I know…I’m sorry, I’m off my game this week guys, but, let me get my T back up and I’ll get right back to hunting down my next female victim…

That’s ridiculous, but to the feminists who managed to get P & G to fund this ad, that’s what they see in every male they look at, but they are a minority; to the rest of us, the vast majority of us who live outside that bubble which defines the self hating world view that feminists have, what Gillette (P & G) is doing is obvious, and I prefer to not waste anymore time on it.