President Trump exposes the partisan divide at SOTU, and embarrasses Dems in the process.

By Niche Content.

After being delayed over a week, the President was finally allowed this past Tuesday, to fulfill one of his constitutional duties and deliver a speech on the State of the Union. Well, that isn’t exactly true: his constitutional duty is that “the President may, from time to time, deliver a letter to Congress updating it” as to the “state of the union”. The President actually has no duty to stand up in front of the nation and tell everyone what is going on; that is what the event has become, but that isn’t what the State of the Union is supposed to be. Truth be told, us plebes have no built in constitutional right to know what’s going on anywhere else in the country, that is just a cultural myth perpetuated by media and politcians. But unlike past presidents and the politics of old, President Trump, with his reality TV persona working overtime, made this one SOTU worth watching.
The president opened stressing his message of unity, pointing out that most of the nation is tired of the left and right political debate that happens around on every issue in our society, which is a fair depiction of most people I believe.

As he was transitioning into his administrations accomplishments, he tried to explain how his policies and agenda were those of the American people, not just the Democrats or Republicans but all Americans. This fell on mostly deaf ears amongst Democrats, but the President did make an honest, albeit wasted, effort at trying to bridge the very wide partisan gap that exists right now in Washington D.C.
From here, his speech was predictable, as he transitioned into listing off the accomplishments, as he sees it, of his first 2 years in office in between introductions of the various political guests that were present for the event.

Nancy Pelosi gives the President a golf clap after his announcement that more women than ever before are now seated in Congress.


The partisan reactions were typical: republicans bounced up and down ridiculously as the President ticked off each of his accomplishments, while the other side remained

republicans bounced up and down ridiculously as the President ticked off each of his accomplishments

stoically rooted to their seats, refusing to positively acknowledge anything the president had to say.
In fact, the freshmen class of Democrat women to the House of Representatives tried to make the speech about themselves, by dressing completely in white and sitting motionless throughout the speech, getting up only to applaud themselves when the President graciously congratulated the fact that more women than ever were now serving in Congress. The impression did not sit well with me: these women either forgot their hoods, or their history; but besides this strange gesture that harkened back to the dark murky past of the Democrat Party, a rude looking ‘golf clap’ from Speaker Pelosi seemed the only responses the President was going to get from his main political opposition.
Of course, the Democrats are out of their socialist closets now, as well as out of their

these women either forgot their hoods, or their history

collective minds. They have an entirely alternative and unamerican agenda, and when the president made point to say that “America will never be a socialist nation” the divide of the two parties could not be more evident, with more than one Democrat literally being stunned by the proclamation…
In the end, it turned out that Nancy Pelosi had a good reason for trying to keep this speech from going off: being forced to face the many positives of the Trump presidency is embarrassing for any politician, particularly for the ones that were never expecting to work.