President Trump speaks on the border wall; an insane msm responds; and what the border wall represents to me.

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President Trump speaks on the border wall; an insane msm responds; and what the border wall represents to me.2019-01-11T18:55:43+00:00


Before I get into what President Trump had to say and the various responses to him before and after his address, can I just say that whether or not you ‘like’ President Trump, it’s refreshing to have a president who prefers brevity over long windedness when giving political speeches or even just his opinion.
President Trumps speech was a scant 9 minutes. He wasted no words, and got straight to his points, using mostly objective facts to support his position.
In my recollection, it was by far the shortest planned presidential address to the nation I’ve ever seen, and its brevity was, in my opinion, a large part of the reactions he received: all of mainstream media was updating feverishly from his open sentence, clearly with the expectations of having a fresh round of supposed lies spoken by the president that they can expose. Almost all of them did, in fact, attempt fact checking in real time as the speech was going on, only to be exposed on social media as embarrassing themselves in the effort.

In his address to the nation Tuesday night, President Trump was quick and to the point.

Anyway, as the MSM has proven over the last 2 plus years, they became instantly triggered at just the idea of President Trump stating his case to the American people with a public address.

So triggered were CNN and NBC that they delayed acknowledging until just hours before, whether or not they would preempt regular programming for his speech. Here are a few…lowlights of their insanity from the time on Monday he said he would be talking to the nation, to the time he spoke to the nation on Tuesday:

  • CBS had the biggest face palm of the night, and proved how bad they are with math, when in the process of checking President Trumps claim that 1 in 3 women in the caravans that come here illegally, are sexually assaulted or raped: CBS claims the actual number is between 60-80%.
  • Fox fact checked the presidents claims of crime rates among “undocumented workers” saying they were among the lowest by demographic in the country. This may be true, if you ignore the fact that by being here “undocumented” they are a criminal by law.
  • The Associated Press attempted an actual honest fact check of the speech, only to have their site crash due to backlash over them pointing out the obvious shared responsibility of the government shutdown.
  • Jim I’m-gonna-Acost-Ya loudly proclaimed that the speech was hazardous to truth. Speaking as a degreed journalist myself, this man (and everyone on the air and who writes for CNN and MSNBC) is not just an embarrassment to the profession of journalism, but is also one of the most morally bankrupt people I’ve ever heard speak.
  • Congressman Bernie Sanders, claimed that “President Trump lies all of the time”.
  • Alexandria Ocasio Cortez-the 30 year old Congress woman with a degree in Economics who doesn’t understand the economic relationship between government and society, nor that we have branches of government, not chambers-said, “There was falsehood after falsehood.”
  • Rachel Maddow claimed “this was a stunt to take the attention away from Democrats who had just won the house”.

That’s the short list of their triggered antics, which was all over Twitter and their network news programs before and after President Trumps speech.

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi delievered a rebuttal to President Trump, following his speech Tuesday night. Many thought they behaved oddly, and thousands of memes sprung up, mocking their performance.

More gag worthy was the Democrat party response-odd, in and of itself since public partisan responses are generally reserved for State of the Union speeches. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi presented a stiff and scripted face. So, creepy, were their expressions, they became instant meme fodder for the more clever of us on social media. Needless to say, they did not help their partisan case against the President. It’s my opinion that the biggest problem we have with the border wall is that the issue is presented as one of state security, as opposed to state sovereignty-which is the bigger picture of the issue: the right to exist as a sovereign nation, with a distinct culture and definitive boundaries; as well as the right to determine who may come and go within those boundaries.
It’s the equivalent of answering “somewhere over there” when asked where you went on vacation, or where you intend to move to.
What baffles me the most about the issue, is how so many people fail to draw the connection between individual sovereignty and national sovereignty. President Trump made an effort to get people to see the importance of building a wall by describing it as an issue of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’-which makes sense from the perspective of the nation that is simply trying to preserve and defend its sovereignty. But if you don’t believe in that concept, as so many on the left seem not too, you’re just preaching to thin air which, given the post response, seems to have been the case.

This is an issue that speaks poorly of American culture

That this is an issue speaks very poorly of American culture: the issue exists because border enforcement on our southern border have been non existent for decades. Exacerbating the problem are multiple pieces of legislation over the decades which, in various ways, encourage illegal immigration both from within the United States, and the illegal immigrants nation of origin. The reasoning behind why there is so much failure and deliberate manipulation of the people who here illegally are as obvious as the solutions to it, which includes a wall. But these things are labeled conspiratorial, racist, xenophobic, or some other label used as a means of shutting down any discourse on the issue. But that is another discussion for another day, when it comes to a having a border, we may as well not be a nation if we’re not going to have definitive borders or culture.
In my view, by allowing for an ‘open border’ and ‘sanctuary’ states and cities, we aren’t actually a nation, but more of a transitory point for people going from one place to the other, without real definition or meaning.