The 116th Congress loudly takes their seats

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The 116th Congress of the United States is sworn in.

The 116th Congress loudly takes their seats.


For those who do not know, every 2 years a new congress is seated in the USA.
To be objective, it is not actually true that a “new” congress is seated every 2 years given that “congress” is when the Senate and House of Representatives are seated together to pass legislation into law. For the entire thing to be considered “new”, at least 51% of it would have to turnover on each occasion, and that has yet to happen.
What does occur every 2 years is that every one of the 435 seats of the House are up for election. Given the fact that the turnover rate in the House of Representatives is less than 10%-meaning, in a typical election year, less than 10% of those running for re-election to the House will lose-there has never actually been enough new appointees coming in to constitute a new congress every 2 years. By constitutional edict (Article 1; section 2), the majority of Congress must face an election every 2 years, and so the common idea that a “new” congress is sat every 2 years has come to exist, despite it not factually being true-what actually happens is that new members, if there are any, are introduced. If there are enough new members from the opposing party-as there were in the 2018 midterm elections-then congress can, in theory, be controlled by one party or the other, regardless of which party controls the executive branch. This is, of course, a vast over simplification of the election process and operations of the US Government, but I’m not interested in giving a US civics lesson-my interest is in our newly seated 116th congress, which proves to be among the most interesting, and possibly the most destructive, in recent US history.
In case you didn’t know, the Democrat party now controls the US House of Representatives, and on Wednesday, they were individually sworn in. Democrats also gained a large enough majority in The House, to control Congress as a whole.

Here are some of the highlights of since Democrats were sworn into power in The House on Wednesday:
–Republican’s gained 3 seats in the Senate, giving them a 54-46 control over that branch of our legislature.
–Democrats gained 40 total seats in the House, swinging what was tenuous control by Republicans back into their favor, and by a large enough margin that they also control Congress.
–This years class is considered “the most diverse ever”,if diversity to you is measured in sexual orientation and skin color-106 members of the House are now women; 54 members of the House are “African American”; and 8 members of the House now openly claim some affiliation to the LGBTQ community.
–Two members were sworn in on the Koran-freshmen Rashida Tlaib, of Michigan’s 13th Congressional district member, and incumbent Ilhan Omar, Minnesota’s 5th congressional district member who first won her seat in 2016.
–Michigan’s newly elected Rashida Tlaib also stood out by proclaiming that democrats would “impeach that motherfucker”, when referring to President Trump at a rally held before her departure to DC.

Rashida Tlaib speaks at a rally-stock image.

–On her first day, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, proposed the “Green New Deal”, in apparent homage to FDR’s great depression legislative package known simply as The New Deal. This Green New Deal comes with taxation recommendations of high as 70% of the wealthiest Americans, and 50% on everyone else. Ocasio Cortez also lead a group of 40 democrats who opposed the speakership of Nancy Pelosi.
–Nancy Pelosi was elected as Speaker of the House for the 2nd time in her political career, despite lacking the full support of her political party in Congress.
–Speaker Pelosi has so far resisted the immediate and loud partisan calls for impeaching President Trump, but will not rule out the possibility either. Pelosi also refused to denounce the language of Congresswoman Tlaib, choosing instead to say that it was “no worse than what Trump says”.
–Maxine Waters, who has called for the impeachment of President Trump since he has taken office, now heads the House Financial Services Committee-a committee which has subpoena power. You would think such a position would be excluded by someone named the most corrupt elected official politician in DC 4 times between 2005-2011 by the non partisan watchdog group Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.
–Also on its first day, the new Democrat controlled House passed a new rules package that allows for the wearing of religious headwear, as well as the creation of a “Climate panel”.

It’s my view that neither of these rules changes have any purpose other than to cater to individual desires, over the actual needs and/or traditions of our nation, as a political statement: The change in headwear rule is meant to directly appease Ilhan Omar who insists on wearing a Hijab into chambers-a garment more associated with female subservience to men, than religious devotion.
The creation of the Climate panel is a deliberate attack against the Trump administration, who holds a distinct policy of skepticism, at best, towards so called man made climate change. It is obvious that this is a democrat political ploy, designed to challenge every legislative idea that comes out of the White House, from an environmentalist perspective. In this manner, even though this new panel wouldn’t be an official committee (yet), it would be positioned in such a way that it could delay every piece of legislation making its way from The House to the Senate, and back again.
As for Republicans, outside of President Trump they have had little to say about the words and activities of the Democrat party in the few days since they have taken control of Congress. The RNC had no official statement, and the only Republican of note to say anything was Mitt Romney, who chose to attack President Trump across multiple issues…

Though it is sad for me to frame this way, it is objectively true in todays world, that if you do not possess a ‘left leaning’ political slant, what is occurring as this new congress takes their seats is obvious: that the war being waged by the establishment political class against President Trump-an outsider to the political class who won an election in the face of overwhelming corruption-and anything traditionally American, appears to be ramping up, not wearing down.
This war truly only exists in the minds of a minority of this country. The problem is that that minority controls most of our academic, tech and entertainment/media industries. Because they control most of these platforms, their voice seems substantially louder than it actually represents within our society.
This political resistance to traditional American values and principles which have historically been viewed as good, can only lead to worse things for our culture and economy.
Change can be good for any society, but change for the sake of change has never ended well. It is only when change can be fairly measured out over time, so that people can adjust, that social change ever works out the way it was envisioned. For social change to truly work, it requires open communications and the sharing of ideas in a non combative way, among the broadest cultural and ideological range as possible. This takes time, patience, and a certain amount of cultural isolation to achieve, none of which the political class, or anyone ‘on the left’ it seems, wants.