The Alles and Nielsen firings-just another battle between Trump and the Swamp.

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The Alles and Nielsen firings-just another battle between Trump and the Swamp.2019-04-09T17:45:34+00:00

After over 2 years of President Trump’s tenure, there’s one thing for sure we have learned: if the President doesn’t like something-or someone-and he has the legal authority to make a change, he doesn’t hesitate to the pull the trigger.
If you’re a hater of Japetto, then these changes are a either a reflection of his ineptitude or his tyranny and efforts at preventing people from finding out his misdeeds. Supporters-at least the ones truly engaged-tend to have opinions which situationally vary, depending on the circumstances surrounding the person leaving.
Until these most recent replacements, I saw all of these replacements as matters of survival for Japetto: as a political outsider, he had no established network of people with the proper background or experience, to fill the political positions he was going to have to as president. This forced him to choose people from what we…commoners (for lack of a better slur) would think of as “the swamp”.
If you look at the host of early firings on his staff and the circumstances surrounding their firing, the common thread of Japetto having to fill positions early on from a class of people who hated him on principle.

Kristjen Nielsen was fired over this past weekend from her post as head of the DHS, as a result of poor job performance at our Southern Border.

The 2 most recent firings, however, have pretty clear reasoning behind them if you’ve been paying any attention to the news in recent months-even if you’re a hater.
Kristjen Nielsen was fired from her post as head of DHS because, despite an edict from the President, illegal crossings at our southern border have continued to surge in recent months. The AP  reported that Japetto and Nielsen had a rocky relationship from 

Randolph Alles was fired this past Monday, from his post as head of the Secret Service after almost 2 years.

the beginning because she worked for the DUH b YA administration (George W Bush for those who lack a non partisan sense of humor). As a result, many “insiders” believed her days were numbered from the beginning. Her ineptitude at helping to secure our southern border merely expediated a result that was expected long ago.

Randolph Alles was fired as head of the Secret Service, after a serious security lapse allowed a Chinese national carrying multiple passports, phones and a thumb drive with malware on it to gain access to supposedly secure areas within the Presidents Mar-a-Lago resort. Alles is also a swamp creature: a career politician who began his path in the military; rising to the rank of general within the Marine Corp before Trump chose him as the Acting deputy Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the start of his presidency; Trump then promtoed him to head the Secret Service on April 25th, 2017. What makes Alles swampy is his background as a General-which gave him access and input on certain military R & D projects, bringing him into a working relationship with what is considered the military industrial complex-arguably the worst part of ‘the swamp’.
Fake news had its usual, and typically wrong, say about these firings but in spite of the obvious reasons for these firings, their events reflect an underlying thread about Japetto’s administration, and one that is pretty much ignored by most people these days: his fight with the swamp…

Donald Trump was, and remains, an outsider of the political establishment.

I’ve had to say this far to often: Donald Trump was, and remains, an outsider of the political establishment. Even after over 2 years, Trump remains an outcast of our nations political class, and the global political class. He wants things done, and to make efforts at attempting to solve problems-whether you like those things or not-and that is explicitly not acceptable to a class of people working for personal gain and power on the backs of the electorate.
It is for this reason that there appears to be so many disparate political and social forces, across multiple nations, who stand against him on even the most common sensical of policies like properly securing our southern border and asking the UN and NATO to pay their fare share for supporting those international bodies. Everything about Trump’s tenure as President must be taken within this context otherwise…well, see CNN, MSNBC, the NYT…