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The downside of the Trump effect.2019-03-05T20:29:46+00:00

By the Trump effect, I mean our Presidents impact on the daily news cycle and as degreed journalist with the heart of a philosopher, the effect he has is, to put it mildly, incredible.
To some like Fox, CNN and MSNBC, he is a never ending stream of programming material. Fox acts as his personal microphone, with their morning program Fox and Friends often taking impromptu calls in the morning from the President; and commentator Sean Hannity is a first, and frequent, pick when Trump is looking to do an interview on friendly territory. As primarily story tellers promoting the globalist agenda, CNN, MSNBC, and the many others I could name rely on his willingness to tweet out his opinions, as a way of transposing their own flaws off on to him.

President Trump signs an executive order. Despite approval ratings in most polls just below or above 50%, the President recieves over 90% negative media coverage according to the Washington Times’ Media Research Center. Stock image.

The endless stream of political, and divisively, partisan rhetoric of the current news media in the USA creates a sum effect that causes rather important events to go by, almost completely unnoticed.
For example the events between India and Pakistan last week over the long disputed Kashmir region that borders both nations, events that had Pakistan say, at one point, that they were considering using a nuclear weapon against India-who also has nuclear weapons. A nuclear war between India and Pakistan would inevitably draw in Russia and China, making US involvement also inevitable. For almost 3 days, the world sat on this brink, until calmer heads prevailed and a downed Indian

pilot shot down and captured by Pakistani military forces was peacefully returned. However, tensions remain high.
Multiple incidents happened around the current power struggle in Venezuela. Maduro had arrested and detained a team of reporters from Univision, before deporting them. Later in the week, opposition leader Juan Guaido was in Ecuador, visiting that nations president in an effort to help remove Maduro from power peacefully, now that most of the western world has recognized Guaido over Maduro, as Venezuela’s leader.
Venezuela may not seem very important politically to those who are considered millennials, but even a cursory look into the history of that nation and its geopolitical importance into regional stability in the northern half of the South American continent will expose why everyone in America should be keeping a wary eye on the goings on in Venezuela.
In the middle of all of this, we had President Trump trying to make a deal with Kim Jong Un for denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Kim wasn’t offering enough to keep the President at the table, and he walked away letting it be known that he still wanted to talk-once Kim was ready to be serious about the economic future of his nation. President Trump did something here that I’ve never seen before, and it was more than impressive: very publicly, but politely, walking away from a potential treaty with another nation. This amazing act by the leader of our country got little to almost no time in mainstream media because Trumps former lawyer and “fixer”, Michael Cohen, was invited by House Dems to publicly testify before congress.

What surprises me is the continued gullibility of so many millions of Americans

It is here where the downside of the Trump effect becomes exposed: as global events ranging from denuclearization in one part of the world, to nuclear war elsewhere, raged across the globe, 60M plus American’s were more interested in giving Michael Cohen-a thrice convicted liar, initially hired because of his talent for lying-credibility where none has been earned.
The timing of the hearing, scheduled by Democrats in control of the House of Representatives, was transparent in that it was timed to coincide with Trumps Vietnam Summit with Kim. But it isn’t the political move that surprises me: what surprises me is the continued gullibility of so many millions of Americans…
I might be preaching to thin air on this one, but at some point people must realize that the only way to truly expose self and culturally destructive politics (for lack of a better word) is to not give them the desperate attention they are always seeking.