What will it take for people to completely turn their backs on the Democrat party?

As the events surrounding the Democrat Party in multiple states unfolded over the last week, I kept coming back to something that has bothered me about the Democrat Party since I properly learned its history: how can any humane person vote for a Democrat? Worse, how can anyone openly support them and believe they are holding a moral or ethical “high” ground, by doing so?
I recall no other time in my life when it has been more appropriate to make the above queries of Democrat supporters.

Any humane person should question their support of a party that cheers legislation granting abortions up to the point of birth.
Any humane person should separate themselves from a political party that supports a governor once known as “coon face” by some of his friends, and a lieutenant governor with 15 year old allegations of sexual assault during the #metoo era-which democrats are such advocates of that they literally throw fact and reality away when accusing their opposition of sexual misdeeds. In fact, many humane people might worry more about the motives of the person who dug up such an old allegation, one that clearly came of nothing, than whatever activity may have lead to it.

Democrats have been aided by specific media outlets, in hiding their true nature from public perception. 

I suppose we could have different operating definitions of what it means to be humane, but for those who actually know their political history, this is just par for the course for the American Democrat Party, and ever since I’ve learned their abhorrent history I’ve wondered how anyone could support them. It didn’t take me long to realize that a lack of knowing this history was probably the biggest reason why so many people still supported them, but I always believed that once the obvious and many hypocrisies that are systemic to that political ideology were exposed, people would leave the party in droves, leading to a general partisan restructuring of our political system and leaving the Democrat Party that we think of today as representing no more than the 15% of society its current far left lean represents.

I’m aware of the #Blexit and #walkaway movements, but sadly their impact seems to be minimal up to this point, leading me to continue my decades long query of people who claim they are Democrats: Why are you still a Democrat? Don’t you know your party’s history? If you do, then how can you not see the direct parallels between that past and the party’s current support for open borders; support of a welfare state; support of higher taxes; the adoption of political platforms based on victimization or minority status (identity politics); and hate for the very thing that allows you to hate-the U.S. Constitution?
As it concerns the hate that Democrats have for the U.S. constitution, I ask all Democrats: are you aware that such hate makes you criminals in almost every other nation on Earth???

Any humane person should separate themselves from a political party that supports a governor once known as “coon face” by some of his friends

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and there will always be those few who side with those things named above, but such extremes are always a minority of any population, and there aren’t many who do not believe that the platform and views of the current Democrat party are extreme. This is all nothing to say about the Dem’s primary opposition-the Republicans. They have their own sordid history, but objectively there isn’t much to compare, and there certainly was never a magical racist switch that occurred between the 2 parties “sometime in the late 60’s, early 70’s”…
On the heels of the very public and overt links to the Democrat Party’s past, and there seeming to be very little backlash-particularly inside their own communities, I’m left wondering: just what will it take for people to completely turn their backs on the Democrat Party? What will it take for you to see that they’re still the party of racism, hate, and division that they have always been?