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From one Real Estate Litigation Attorney to Another

At any moment something can always fail. So take everything very well prepared. Excessive preparation of the matter is your secret weapon and what you can really compete. It is also the best guarantee to avoid problems. In court, take things in writing. Reading is entirely inappropriate and should always be avoided, but more inappropriate is to remain blank. By writing it you will retain it and having it in writing will give you security. If the speech finally goes away, the paper will get you out of trouble.

Be humble and patient. There is nothing more ridiculous than a new attorney giving them an expert. Noticeable. The aggressive attitude reveals a lack of security and knowledge. With time you will realize that the more you know the more questions you have. It is merely because you detect possible against arguments that could be made to your position. If you have doubts, it is better to ask than to regret not having done so. Even directly to the judge. Be patient, you do not have professional success as soon as you start. Everything requires filming. Advocacy is a long career.

Form yourself in practical experiences. A morning in the courts seeing judgments or a conversation with a partner can be as instructive as the best of the courses or seminars. In any database you will find thousands of practical cases, with a very special peculiarity, they are genuine. It dissects the judgments and analyzes how the process has developed, what the parties’ positions have been and how a real estate litigation case has finally been resolved.

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Do not get obsessed with Social Networks and Layer 2.0. Most good real estate litigation attorneys do not have accounts in networks nor do they lavish themselves in such places. It’s actually easier to make customers in a bowling tournament than on Twitter. Be natural in networks and above all, meet people. Interact Remember, yes, that lawyer is 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Specific licenses in social networks may not be the most appropriate, but when you are also starting, you cannot afford them anyway. Beware of this and more if you do not exercise on your own or it is not your intention.

Question everything. Be assertive Do not go back on what they say or recommend, unless they are people of confidence. Beware of trends and trends in the sector. Apparently, there are many people with interests in them, and they are right sellers. This includes even this article. Question it too, just as none of these tips is entirely for nothing. Decide it yourself.

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