Some Diagnostic Methods That Limit The Possibility Of Repair In The Independent Nodes

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Some Diagnostic Methods That Limit The Possibility Of Repair In The Independent Nodes

A key player in the value chain of the sector is the auto parts, the supplier of intermediate production goods for the manufacture of vehicles by the automotive terminals and the replacement market.

Fault diagnosis technologies: due to the increasing tendency of incorporation of electronic control and connectivity devices, they incorporate software whose intellectual property is of the terminals and which in turn require diagnostic methods that limit the possibility of repair in the independent nodes.

The tendencies to reduce fuel consumption is imposing the reduction of displacement and therefore the reduction in size and quantity of components since most of the engines are four cylinders in the case of automobiles.

Growth in demand for devices to reduce consumption for used vehicles. In this sense, the global auto parts of ignition and injection systems are foreseeing significant increases in their billing.

As a result of the decrease in consumption, hybrid drive technologies arise with the following needs for development of low-consumption air conditioning, electrically-assisted steering, improvements in transmission to obtain more excellent performance of the engine, batteries for driving electric motors, of electric motors and their controls.

Reduction of vehicle weight: there is a tendency to use materials of greater specific resistance, which can change the process of their transformation.

Increase in safety conditions that include the development of systems such as airbags that are becoming mandatory and even increase their amount because apart from the front side are added for example.

With the incorporation of electronic systems, it is expected that the incidence of these devices in the cost of vehicles will be close to 40% by 2015. Historically, electronics were present in audio systems, and over the years it was incorporated into new connectivity functions that include navigation, connectivity to reduce the risk of accidents, both between vehicles and with traffic control and control devices such as remote testing, operation control, and stability control, among others.

companies are multinationals with a robust strategic link with the terminals, and they are permanently experiencing a considerable number of mergers that result in a growing concentration of knowledge, skills and of course billing.

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