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Sell Lifestyles, Not Properties

When one thinks about generating content, a frequent error is that there is no consistent personality in what is communicated. If this happens, then the personality of the creative concept is not clear, and therefore, the generated content is diluted. When a brand has a solid strategy, the content it generates will provoke an active community, which will be your main promotion in the medium and long-term. Do not talk to them about what you sell; talk to them about what they are looking for.

Choose the words you want to own

We can not have a general presence. Who understands how to do inbound marketing carefully selects which words you want to control. Once defined, the original content must be optimized to the maximum to ensure that search engines prioritize their presence and give them organic positioning. Starting with two or three keywords or phrases is more than enough.

The outbound can serve as support

Generating content and waiting for it to work organically can be exhausting, and even frustrating, work. For this reason, it is advisable to start proactive campaigns to support the inbound strategy. An important part is the email strategy, where you must have a record and, also, only the best of the content that is generated should be shown. This “push,” as well as any other that is done, must be directly connected and centralized in your blog. An active community has a database that grows naturally with new subscribers ready to receive more valuable content.

Convert should be your fundamental mission

When we talk about inbound marketing, we are not talking about increasing the flow towards our content, but about converting that stream into qualified sales opportunities. The conversion of our page will change the number of visits to sales numbers, which is undoubtedly the ultimate goal of the promotion. This should be the primary concern of the marketing teams once they have consolidated constant and sustainable traffic.

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