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The season finale of The Walking Dead had a lot of the unexpected.

This season had its tension, with the interplay between characters and the dynamic between various groups that make up the world that is inhabited by Rick and his people. There have been so many fierce battles between Rick’s people and the saviors that it was a little bit beyond time to resolve the conflict. I was glad to see a final battle. It was a clever episode too, I thought. The double cross, avert, double cross, double cross kept me guessing certainly. They even managed to do a feint during the final confrontation between Rick and Negan. I like that sort of thing as long as it makes sense within the parameters of the story.

What did you think about Eugene’s surprise? Eugene is a very well written character. I expected Eugene to have a return of allegiance early after he was compelled to join the Saviors, and had almost lost that expectation after such a long time, but eventually, he did come around. His arc is one of redemption, human failing and redemptive success, over and over. He is Man in his genius and imperfection. It is poetic.


It is interesting to see how the writers showed the other side’s position in each situation. Even the Saviors and Negan were given a voice. The captives at Hilltop The women of Oceanside chose insulation rather than fighting. Who could blame them? It is a good choice when it is feasible. However, in this world where people are feeding on each other. They were only postponing the inevitable. Still, many folks would do the same, so the plotline was valid. When Rick lied to the group of saviors, offering them hope of an alliance and then slaying them, it was morally outrageous. However it was wrong to do it, I could not find myself blaming him.

Morgan’s personal crisis and spiral in and out of sanity and hope make him a worry. His story is about the mind and its pain in someone who is good.

I am wondering what the helicopter signifies? Does that mean there is a military installation (or more) nearby that may have survived? I would be interested to hear from others whether they agree that it appears that Jaden may have been trying to use Negan as bait to get the attention of the chopper. Whatever her plan was, it appears to have failed.

I enjoyed the surprise of seeing inside Jaden’s living area, under all of those piles of junk. It was a nice touch.

The visceral fury that Negan and Rick wield at one another was a pivotal part of the tension this season. The fury and helplessness that Rick and the others felt when Glen and Abraham were killed has ripened and festered over time and now there was seemingly no room for mercy, which made it all the more surprising when it occurred. I enjoy the surprises like that, well supported story wise but unexpected… like people are.

I only just started the spinoff series, “Fear the Walking Dead.” The ordinariness of the scenes throughout this post-apocalyptic storyline successfully pulled me in as a participant in the unfolding of the plot. I enjoyed the new perspective.


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